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Hallux, commonly known as bunion, encompasses several conditions such as hallux valgus, hallux rigidus and hallux varus, which can significantly limit quality of life due to the pain and restriction of movement they cause. Physiotherapy has established itself as one of the fundamental pillars in the treatment of these ailments, offering a holistic approach that goes beyond mere physical correction, encompassing prevention and the maintenance of long-term foot health.

Personalized Treatment Planning

We understand that each foot is a different universe, with its own needs and particularities. Therefore, the first step in our therapeutic approach is the development of a personalized treatment plan. This process begins with a thorough evaluation of the patient’s current condition, including a detailed medical history and a biomechanical analysis of the foot and gait.

Strengthening and Mobility

The basis of our treatment focuses on strengthening the musculature of the foot. Through specific exercises, we seek to improve the stability of the first metatarsal and relieve pressure on it, thus mitigating pain and discomfort. In parallel, we implement joint mobilization techniques to increase flexibility and range of motion, essential for the recovery of foot functionality.

Gait Pattern Correction

A crucial aspect of hallux management is the correction of gait pattern abnormalities. Through specialized training, we guide our patients in adopting an optimal gait pattern that minimizes stress forces on the first metatarsal, preventing aggravation of the condition.

Support with Auxiliary Devices

We recognize the importance of supportive devices in the comprehensive treatment of hallux. Custom orthotics, such as hallux inserts, play a key role in redistributing loads on the foot, relieving pressure on the affected areas and promoting proper alignment. Our insoles are designed to perfectly complement physiotherapeutic interventions, enhancing results and accelerating the recovery process.

Home Exercises

Continuity of treatment at home is vital for therapeutic success. We provide our patients with a carefully selected exercise program to perform at home, focused on maintaining and improving the gains obtained during the physical therapy sessions. These exercises are essential to strengthen the foot musculature and maintain joint mobility.

Long-Term Benefits

Our approach is not limited to merely resolving current symptoms; we aim to ensure long-term foot health and function. The combination of physical therapy, gait pattern correction and the use of supportive devices, such as our specialized insoles, results in a significant decrease in the risk of recurrence and other complications associated with hallux.

In conclusion, the comprehensive approach to hallux treatment, focusing on personalized physiotherapy, biomechanical correction and support with orthopedic devices, represents our proposal to substantially improve the quality of life of our patients, offering lasting and effective solutions for the management of this complex condition.

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